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Russ Taff is easily one of the most recognized members of the Imperials. Drafted in 1977, Russ led the group in the introduction of Christian Contemporary Music CCM.

Russ was born the fourth of five sons to a fire-breathing Pentecostal preacher father and a gospel music-loving mother. He learned early on that when he sang, people responded. Some of his earliest memories are of being balanced on the church altar by his mother’s strong arms while he belted out a gospel chorus to the rollicking encouragement of the tiny congregation. His trademark rich, emotion-drenched vocals were formed in that fertile environment.

His mother’s extensive collection of gospel records was the only form of entertainment their strict upbringing allowed, so after school Russ would rush home to listen to his favorites. Lying on the floor between two old stereo speakers, the plaintive, powerful sounds of artists like Mahalia Jackson and the Five Blind Boys From Alabama literally filled his head with music. “It really spoke to me,” Taff says. “I would close my eyes and just float away with those voices.” A natural harmony singer, Russ often teamed with his brothers to perform songs by the great quartets of the day—The Statesmen, The Gospel Echoes, and The Blackwood Brothers. “Those guys were like the Beatles or Elvis to me,” Russ laughs.

When Taff moved to Arkansas in his teens, he began listening to popular music for the first time in his life, and found inspiration there, too. Contemporary Christian music was gaining prominence and the traditional lines between ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ were starting to blur. Russ formed a local band called Sounds of Joy, and began writing songs that combined the spiritual truths of his childhood with the music of his generation.

Two years after his band served as an opening act for the legendary Imperials, Taff was invited to join them as lead vocalist. “I was so green,” he remembers fondly. “But the Imperials handed me the opportunity of a lifetime, and I was thrilled to be able to do what I loved to do and have it count as a real job!” With the Imperials he toured extensively and gained recognition as ‘the voice’ behind the award-winning songs such as “Praise the Lord,” “Trumpet of Jesus” and “I’m Forgiven.” These pivotal recordings successfully completed the group’s transition from traditional to contemporary Christian.

Eager to experience and explore all aspects of music, Taff left the Imperials after four and a half years to pursue a solo career. He captured the imagination of the industry by successfully releasing a series of innovative works that delved into his musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary Christian music. Taff’s lyrics, often co-written with his wife Tori, chronicled his personal spiritual path. Soaring, aching, raucous or tender, the songs Russ chose to wrap his one-of-a-kind voice around were unflinchingly honest.


Artistically, Taff was always authentic but never predictable. His eclectic taste was reflected in his recordings and live concerts, as he drew from all genres– rock, pop, blues, Southern gospel, Black gospel, country, even big band. “I guess I’m just not a right-down-the-middle kind of guy,” he cheerfully admits. “I’ve been influenced by so many styles that I try to never place restrictions on myself. If it moves me, I figure it will probably move other people too.”

In 1991, Russ was invited by his long-time friend Bill Gaither to be part of one of the fledgling Homecoming videos, which honored and celebrated the Southern gospel part of Taff’s musical roots. He eventually became a regular artist on the Homecoming Tour, and in a surprise move, joined the famed Gaither Vocal Band as a baritone in 2001. He was a member of the group for almost three years, and the two projects recorded during his tenure earned unprecedented back-to-back Grammy nominations. Early in 2004, Russ decided to step down from the Vocal Band and return to his solo artist status. A perennial favorite, he appears regularly in Gaither videos and makes frequent guest appearances on the Homecoming tour. His solo concerts literally take him all over the world—his multiple Dove Award-nominated “Faroe Islands” project was actually recorded in that mysterious, remote country of islands located in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland.

In 2015 Russ was prominently featured in the live concert event billed as “The greatest night in the history of contemporary Christian music.” He joined 32 other legendary CCM artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris in an evening entitled “We Will Stand,” named after Russ’ signature song. The CCM United concert was live-streamed into millions of households, and offered as a CD and DVD package as well.

However you choose to label it, Russ Taff’s music has won him a wide audience and critical acclaim, as well as a total of 6 Grammy awards and 18 Gospel Music Association Dove awards. He has been hailed by Billboard Magazine as “the single most electrifying voice in Christian music,” and cited as a musical influence by artists as diverse as Bart Millard of Mercy Me, Jason Crabb, Michael Tait and the Kings of Leon. He’s been inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame an unprecedented three times– as a member of the Imperials, a member of the Gaither Vocal Band and to recognize his solo career as well. He has also been inducted into the Arkansas Walk of Fame, Christian Music Hall of Fame, and was honored for his lifetime achievements in the industry in a musical tribute at the 2012 GMA Dove Awards. Of equal importance, he is quick to add, is the title bestowed on him at the annual RC Cola/Moon Pie festival in his tiny new hometown of Bell Buckle, TN. “I’ll have you know that you are talking to the 2013 RC Cola King,” he says with great satisfaction.

You can connect with Russ and tori at the website and on facebook:


  • YearAlbumUS ChristianRecord labelRecord producer(s)

  • 1983Walls of Glass5MyrrhBill Schnee

  • 1985Medals2Jack Joseph Puig

  • 1987Russ Taff2

  • 1989The Way Home1Darrell Brown, James Hollihan, Jr., Taff

  • 1991Under Their Influence5James Hollihan, Jr., Taff

  • 1992A Christmas Song6SparrowJames Hollihan, Jr.

  • 1995Winds of ChangeRepriseHollihan, Randy Scruggs, Taff

  • 1999Right Here, Right NowBensonJames Hollihan, Jr., Taff

  • 2007Now More Than Ever41Spring HillHollihan, Barry Jennings, Michael Sykes, Taff

  • 2010Another Sentimental ChristmasJames Hollihan, Jr.

  • 2011Faroe IslandsJákup Zachariassen, Óli Poulsen, Kristoffur Mørkøre

  • 2018BelieveSweetwater StudiosPhil Naish, Mark Hornsby


  • 1994: We Will Stand (Yesterday & Today) (Myrrh)

  • 2003: The Best of Russ Taff (Spring Hill)

With The Sounds of Joy

  • 1974: YHWH (Shalom Records)

  • 1975: Sharin' (JoySong Records)

With The Imperials

  • 1977: Sail On (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1978: Imperials Live (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1979: Heed The Call (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1979: One More Song For You (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1980: Priority (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1980: Christmas With The Imperials (Dayspring/Word)

  • 1981: The Very Best of The Imperials (Dayspring/Word) compilation

  • 1986: Old Fashioned Faith (Dayspring/Word) compilation

  • 1996: Legacy 1977–1988 (Word Records) compilation

  • 2006: The Lost Album (Word Records) (originally recorded in 1976)

  • 2006: The Imperials – Classic Hits (New Haven/Provident) compilation

  • 2007: The Definitive Collection (Word/Warner) compilation

With Gaither Vocal Band

  • 2002: Everything Good (SpringHouse/EMI)

  • 2003: A Cappella (SpringHouse/EMI)

Appearances on other albums

  • 1981: For Every Man Steve Camp "Thank You"

  • 1981: Love Overflowing Sandi Patty "The Home of the Lord"

  • 1983: More than a Feelin' Koinonia (Sparrow) "Give Your Love", "Divina"

  • 1984: For People Who Don't Hear The Music Anymore (Word) Joyce Landorf "I'll keep my eyes you"

  • 1984: Dancing with Danger Leslie Phillips (Myrrh) "Strength of My Life"

  • 1984: The Praise In Us – A Word Family Praise Album Various Artists (Myrrh) "Simple Song For A Mighty God"

  • 1985: The CAUSE (various artists) (Sparrow) "Do Something Now"

  • 1985: Lulu Roman Smith "King of Who I Am"

  • 1985: Sheep In Wolves Clothing Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart (Myrrh) "Gospel Ship"

  • 1988: Phil Keaggy & Sunday's Child Phil Keaggy (Myrrh) "Aint Got No"

  • 1988: Can't Buy a Miracle Randy Stonehill (Word) "Awfully Loud World"

  • 1988: Lead Me On – Amy Grant (A&M)

  • 1989: Our Hymns (Word) "Near The Cross"

  • 1990: Phase II Eddie DeGarmo (Fore Front) "There's Something About That Name"

  • 1990: Stolen Moments – John Hiatt (A&M)

  • 1990: Through Flood & Fire – Sparks "Jesus Rescues Me" (Reunion)

  • 1990: Our Christmas (Word) "Silent Night"

  • 1990: Handel's Young Messiah (A&M) "He Shall Feed His Flock Like a Shepherd" with Sheila Walsh

  • 1991: For Such a Time as This Sheila Walsh (Star Song) "A Dove Amongst Eagles"

  • 1991: Big Town – Ashley Cleveland (Atlantic)

  • 1991: Show Me Your Way Glen Campbell (New Haven) "The Greatest Gift of All"

  • 1992: Above And Beyond O'Landa Draper & The Associates (Word) "Wipe A Tear"

  • 1992: Innocent Eyes Tanya Goodman Sykes (Benson) "Who At My Door is Standing?"

  • 1992: No Compromise: Remembering the Music of Keith Green (Sparrow) "Your Love Broke Through"

  • 1992: Did You Think to Pray This Morning? – The Johnson Sisters with Russ Taff (Canaan)

  • 1993: Lead Me Not – Lari White (RCA)

  • 1993: Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams – various artists (Thirsty Ear/Chaos)

  • 1995: Beyond December – First Call (Warner Alliance)

  • 1996: Way I Should – Iris DeMent (Warner Bros.)

  • 1997: Fire Down Below original soundtrack (Warner Brothers) "I'd Walk Through Fire"

  • 1997: Misguided Roses – Edwin McCain Band (Atlantic)

  • 1998: Alabama Song – Allison Moorer (MCA)

  • 1998: The Apostle original soundtrack (Rising Tide) "There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down"

  • 1998: Joy – Melissa Manchester (Capitol)

  • 1998: Mission 3:16 – Carman (Sparrow) "People of God"

  • 1998: Totally Committed – Jeff Foxworthy (Warner Bros.)

  • 1998: Jesus Saves Greg Long(Myrrh) "Prove That By Me"

  • 1999: Vestal & Friends Vestal Goodman "Giver of Life"

  • 1999: Bridges original soundtrack (Verity) "Raven and the Dove"

  • 2000: Child of the Promise original cast recording (Sparrow) "The Mary I Know", "Mary Recitative", "Zacharias Recitative", "Nothing Ever Happens To A Shepherd"

  • 2000: Hands of Time Anthony Burger (Daywind) "I Wish We'd All Been Ready"

  • 2000: Ordinary Day Jeff and Sheri Easter (Spring Hill) "One Way"

  • 2001: Supernatural – The Raphaels (Track Records)

  • 2001: Press On Selah (Curb) "Were You There"

  • 2002: Traveling Light: Songs from the 23rd Psalm (Brentwood) "Let It Flow"

  • 2002: Edge of the World Randy Stonehill (Fair Oaks) "We Were So Young"

  • 2004: Better Days Frank Bradford (Frb Records) "Watergrave"

  • 2005: Hymned No. 1 Bart Millard (of MercyMe) (INO/Epic) "Precious Lord, Take My Hand"

  • 2006: Stand Avalon (Sparrow/EMI) "We Will Stand"

  • 2016: Circuit Rider – William Lee Golden (Gaither Gospel Series)


  • 1983"We Will Stand"Walls of Glass

  • 1985"I'm Not Alone"Medals

  • 1995"Love Is Not a Thing"53Winds of Change

  • "One and Only Love"51

  • "Bein' Happy"66


  • 1982: More Than Music #1 (Word) (originally aired as a TV show in 1981) "I Go to the Rock", "Here We Are" (duet with Amy Grant)

  • 1992: Russ Taff: A Christmas Song (Sparrow)

  • 2002: I Do Believe Gaither Vocal Band "One Way"

  • 2006: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand"

  • 2007: The Best of Russ Taff From the Gaither Homecoming Series

  • 2007: Timeless: Concert of Faith & Inspiration

  • 2009: Gaither Vocal Band Reunion: Vol. 1 "Born Again", "Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road", "Knowing You'll Be There"

  • 2009: Gaither Vocal Band Reunion: Vol. 2 "The Really Big News", "When The Rains Come"

Concept Music videos

  • 1985"I'm Not Alone"

  • "Not Gonna Bow"

  • 1989"Winds Of Change"

  • "I Cry"

  • 1991"Life's Railway to Heaven"

  • 1995"Love Is Not a Thing"[1]Deaton-Flanigen Productions

  • "One And Only Love"

Gaither Homecoming video performances

  • 1998: Down by the Tabernacle "The Tabernacle", "I Saw The Light"

  • 1998: Rivers of Joy "We Will Stand"

  • 1999: I'll Meet You on the Mountain "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand"

  • 2000: Good News "When He Set Me Free"

  • 2000: Irish Homecoming "Ain't No Grave"

  • 2000: Whispering Hope "O Say, But I'm Glad"

  • 2001: A Billy Graham Music Homecoming, Vol.2 "My Tribute"

  • 2001: London Homecoming "We Will Stand"

  • 2002: Let Freedom Ring "When He Calls I'll Fly Away"

  • 2002: New Orleans Homecoming "Praise The Lord"

  • 2003: Australian Homecoming

  • 2003: Red Rocks Homecoming "They Call It Gospel Music"

  • 2003: Rocky Mountain Homecoming "The Workshop Of The Lord"

  • 2004: Journey to the Sky "Trumpet Of Jesus"

  • 2004: Passin' the Faith Along "Born Again"

  • 2004: We Will Stand "We Will Stand"

  • 2005: Jerusalem Homecoming "Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane"

  • 2006: Canadian Homecoming "More Than Ever"

  • 2006: Live from Toronto "Trumpet Of Jesus"

  • 2006: Christmas in South Africa "Higher Than Mt. Kilimanjaro"

  • 2007: Amazing Grace "Amazing Grace"

  • 2008: Homecoming Picnic "The Sweetest Song I Know"

  • 2009: Joy in My Heart "Jesus Is The Best Thing"

  • 2011: Alaskan Homecoming "Somebody’s Coming", "We Will Stand"

  • 2011: Majesty "I Shall Wear A Crown"



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