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Dave Will, one of the most loved Imperials, known for some of the greatest hits in gospel music, including “You’re the Only Jesus”, “One More Song For You”,” Pieces”, and ”Bread Upon the Water”, sang with the Imperials for more than 30 years. Other than Armond Morales, Dave is the longest tenured member in the groups history.

Dave retired from touring in 2017 and is enjoying his family in Hendersonville, TN.


Anyone who has ever heard Dave sing can confirm the fact that David Will is a gifted and authentic performer. With ministry as his base, Dave spent decades helping build one of the most icon sounds the group ever enjoyed. Along with Russ Taff, Jim Murray, and  Armond Morales, they are considered, by many, to be the best combination in the groups 50+ year history. 



Recording Discography

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