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Rick Evans / President

Rick Evans has a distinguished career in full-time ministry. Since age 22, Rick’s accomplishments include: C.E.O of the Imperials, and a featured team-member of the Franklin Graham Crusade Team


Rick has been around the world in association with some of the largest ministries in modern times, including Harvest Crusades (Greg Laurie), Promise Keepers, and Billy Graham, and adds his experience, and unique gift, to expand the already well established platform of Living in Faith.


Rick has a degree in Human Development and uses his experience and education to counsel, consult, and teach the Body of Christ, and organizations who are trying to reach beyond their four walls.



Debra Evans/Vice President

Debra Evans in a nationally known author and speaker. Her mission, to communicate God’s healing and love, has been expressed in her teaching and travels for more than 3 decades.


She is the President / Director of Real Women Doing Real Life, reaching those who are looking for their happy-ever-after. Debra is also the Vice President here at Living In Faith Inc.


Debra’s teachings and books are available online, and have been a resource for hurting people around the world.


Debra is an experienced speaker / Teacher and is open to any opportunity to bring healing thru God’s word.

But For God Book

When the once-upon-a-time of little-girl dreams gives way to “real life ever after,” where do you turn? How do you learn to trust again when every security you’ve clung to has been ripped away . . . when your own mistakes have derailed you as much as life’s circumstances . . . when your picture-perfect dreams have been shattered like broken windowpanes? Debra Evans knows. And she shares the way out of the faded fairy tale for every woman in this inspirational book

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