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Before her career with The Imperials Pam worked at Faith Center as part of Dr. Gene Scott in 1976. Starting as the “Velvetones” they Pam & Alice) changed their name to “Dove” and were a daily staple on West Coast Television.

Pam Morales has the distinction of being the ONLY female lead singer in the group’s history. The lineup change in 1991 would surprise fans around the world. Although the look of the group changed, Pam did not disappoint. Her strong low vocals fit perfectly and gave the group a whole new radiance of listeners. 

Tragically, Pam was killed in a fatal car crash on August 27th, 2005 and the Gospel Music community mourned the loss of the industry treasure.



Recording Discography



ONE-TIME member of the pioneering vocal group The Imperials, Pam Morales-Dietz, died following a car accident on 27th August. In the 42 year history of the group, Morales-Dietz, sister of founding member Armond Morales, was the only female singer to perform with The Imperials and contributed vocals on two Star Song albums, 'Big God' (1991) and 'Stir It Up' (1992)

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