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Armond Morales is an original member of The Imperials /  Classic Imperials, and was at the helm of management for 40 years. His smooth rich tone help defined the group’s sound throughout its long history. Armond's tenure  includs travel to 21 countries, 42-recorded projects, 17 Dove Awards, and 4 Grammy Awards.

Armond’s gospel music career, culminating with his induction into The Gospel Music Hall of Fame set the pace for this historical group to give millions an opportunity to enjoy one of the nation’s legendary iconic members of Christian Music. 

Retired from regular touring with the group, Armond now partners with his wife Bonnie in a healing minitry that is recognized nationwide.  Together, Armond and Bonnie form an outstanding couple who have learned to wholly trust in God for every imaginable situation life can present, and with the comfort and strength He has imparted to them, continue to minister victorious life to others.

Trivia facts of Armond’s life with The Imperials include:

  • Won 4 Grammy Awards – nominated 13 times

  • The Imperials had four albums ranked in the top fifty Christian albums of all time by Billboard in the 90’s. One More Song For You (#15), Priority (#13), The Very Best Of (#37), and Heed The Call (#39). Priority was the highest ranked album by any Group on the list.

  • The Imperials received the first Dove Award for Male Group Of The Year at the inception of The Gospel Music Association in 1969. They received various nominations every year until 1988 when they received the Group Of The Year Dove Award.

  • Won 13 Dove Awards – nominated 58 times

  • The Imperials had 17 #1 Songs

  • 1998 Inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame

  • The Song, Oh Buddha, was #1 on all three Christian Charts, Contemporary, Southern Gospel and Inspirational for weeks

  • Performed with Jimmy Dean, Elvis Presley, Carol Channing and Pat Boone

  • Recorded the “Daniel Boone” theme song for the hit tv series in 1964

  • Appeared in a movie with Elvis Presley called “That’s The Way It Is”

  • Armond has recorded 42 Albums and 463 Songs just with The Imperials, not counting the 14 years he sang with The Weatherfords and the numerous albums he recorded with them and other Artists. It’s safe to say he has recorded over 1,000 songs!

  • Traveled to 22 countries: United Kingdom ~ Canada ~ Finland ~ Denmark ~ Norway ~ Sweden ~ Holland ~ Bahamas ~ Jamaica ~ Faeroe Island ~ Germany ~ East Germany ~ Hong Kong ~ Singapore ~ Philippines ~Haiti ~ France ~ Israel ~ Zimbabwe ~ South Africa ~ Puerto Rico ~ Ireland

  • National television appearances:  Grammy Awards (the first Christian group to appear) 700 Club ~ Trinity Broadcasting Network ~ Praise The Lord ~ 100 Huntley Street ~ 20/20 ~ The Mike Douglas Show ~ The Merv Griffith Show ~ The Joey Bishop Show ~ CNN/Take Two ~ Acts TV Network ~ TNN Nashville Network ~ The Magnificent Gospel Music Machine

  • Regardless of these attainments and significant events, Armond and Bonnie affirm that the greatest reward in their lives is seeing people moved by the presence of the Holy Spirit, and, as they have many times, seeing lives literally changed by His power.

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Solo Recording Discography

Recording Discography

  • 1964 Jake Hess & The Imperials Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Neilsen, SlaughterSkylite

  • 1964 Introducing The Illustrious Imperials Heart Warming/Benson

  • 1964 Fireside Hymns

  • 1964 Blends and Rhythms

  • 1965 Talent Times Five

  • 1965 Slaughter Writes – Imperials Sing

  • 1965 Happy Sounds of The Imperials

  • 1965 He Was a Preachin Man

  • 1965 Slightly Regal

  • 1966 Sing Their Favorite Hymns Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Slaughter

  • 1966 Sing Inspirational Classics Impact/Benson

  • 1967 To Sing Is the Thing Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Moscheo

  • 1968 New Dimensions Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Wiles

  • 1968 Now

  • 1969 Love Is the Thing

  • 1970 Gospel's Alive and Well

  • 1971 Time to Get It Together Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Gordon

  • 1972 Imperials Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Andrus

  • 1973 Live (double album)

  • 1974 Follow the Man with the Music

  • 1975 No Shortage Bob MacKenzieGary S. Paxton

  • 1976 Just Because

  • 1977 Sail On Morales, Murray, Will, Taff Dayspring/Word Chris Christian

  • 1978 Live (at Baylor University)A. Morales, Buddy Huey, Christian

  • 1979 Heed the Call Chris Christian, Buddy Huey

  • 1979 One More Song for You Michael Omartian

  • 1980 Priority Michael Omartian

  • 1980 Christmas with the Imperials Bergen White

  • 1982 Stand By the Power Morales, Murray, Will, P. Smith Bill Schnee

  • 1983 Side By Side Keith Thomas, Neal Joseph

  • 1984 Sing the Classics Neal Joseph, Don Hart

  • 1985 Let the Wind Blow Myrrh/Word Bill Schnee

  • 1987 This Year's Model Morales, Will, Hemby, Sloas Brown Bannister

  • 1988 Free the Fire Bill Schnee

  • 1990 Love's Still Changing Hearts Morales, Will, Hemby, Robertson StarSongMorris "Butch" Stewart

  • 1991 Big God Morales, Will, Hildreth, Pam Morales Ken Mansfield

  • 1992 Stir It Up Paul Mills

  • 1995' Til He Comes Morales, Will, Ferguson, Walker Impact/Homeland Brian Green

  • 1997 It's Still the Cross Morales, Will, Ferguson, ShapiroBig God Records Barry Weeks

  • 1998 Songs of Christmas Morales, Will, Ferguson, Weeks Barry Weeks

  • 2002I  Was Made for This A. Morales, Hudson, J. Morales, Crook

  • 2006* The Lost Album A. Morales, Murray, Will, TaffWordGary S. Paxton

  • 2007 The Imperials Hudson, J. Morales, S. Smith, Owens Indie/Lamon Records

  • 2007 Back to the Roots Michael Sykes

  • 2009 Standing Strong A. Morales, Will, Hiner, Evans, Infinity Music/Hall Of Fame Record Company Robbie Hiner

  • 2010 Still Standing  A. Morales, Will, P. Smith, Evans Infinity Music/Hall Of Fame Record Company Michael Peterson, Rick Webb, Rick Evans

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