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As the second Tenor for The Imperials there is little doubt there are many people in Gospel music who will not recognize the name Jim Murray.   Jim Murray was an instant standout in his field and certainly defined the sound of the Imperials for many decades. 

Jim was born in March of 1944.  His hometown is Lansing, Michigan and he now resides in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, where he is the Minister of Music and Senior Adults.  Jim says he first started to singing with a little children’s choir in Lansing, Michigan at about five years old. His first solo singing engagement was for his Sunday School program when he was about six or seven years old. The rest is Christian music history. 


Jim's  first group was the Melodaires and went on to sing with the Orrell Quartet out of Detroit Michigan. Jim married Loretta in 1964 and moved to Dallas, Texas, where he sang with the Stamps trio. From Jim moved to Arlington, Texas, and sang for a short while with Bob Wills and the Inspirations. It was in 1966, that he joined Jake Hess and the Imperials and was part of the famous foursome 20 years from 1966 to 1986. Jim is credited with back-up vocals for many music icons including: Jimmy Dean, Elvis, Pat Boone and Carol Channing.  During his 20-year span, Jim was part of over 50 albums, five Grammys and 15 Dove Awards and was inducted into the Gospel Music Associations, Gospel Music, Hall of fame. (1) in 1998


Jim Murray  is currently the Minister of Music and Senior Adults Pastor, Victory Baptist Church, 1777 Tate Lane, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. You can email Jim Murray at:

Portions of this bio were written by Phil Foster

Video Log

Solo Recording Discography

  • 1966 Sing Their Favorite Hymns Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Slaughter

  • 1966 Sing Inspirational Classics Impact/Benson

  • 1967 To Sing Is the Thing Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Moscheo

  • 1968 New Dimensions Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Wiles

  • 1968 Now

  • 1969 Love Is the Thing

  • 1970 Gospel's Alive and Well

  • 1971 Time to Get It Together Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Gordon

  • 1972 Imperials Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Andrus

  • 1973 Live (double album)

  • 1974 Follow the Man with the Music

  • 1975 No Shortage Bob MacKenzieGary S. Paxton

  • 1976 Just Because

  • 1977 Sail On Morales, Murray, Will, Taff Dayspring/Word Chris Christian

  • 1978 Live (at Baylor University)A. Morales, Buddy Huey, Christian

  • 1979 Heed the Call Chris Christian, Buddy Huey

  • 1979 One More Song for You Michael Omartian

  • 1980 Priority Michael Omartian

  • 1980 Christmas with the Imperials Bergen White

  • 1982 Stand By the Power Morales, Murray, Will, P. Smith Bill Schnee

  • 1983 Side By Side Keith Thomas, Neal Joseph

  • 1984 Sing the Classics Neal Joseph, Don Hart

  • 1985 Let the Wind Blow

  • 1988 Wings Gaither, McSpadden, English, Jim Murray Star Song Billy Smiley

  • 1990 A Few Good Men 23 Gaither, English, Murray, Mark Lowry Larry Goss

  • 1991 Homecoming 30 Ken Mansfield

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