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Bill and Renee’ Morris have been wonderful friends of the Imperials for many years. Known world-wide due to their involvement with TBN they travel extensively and are sought after for seminars, concerts, and revivals.

Through the years The Imperials have gone through transitions and bill has been available on a few occasions to help fill the void. The Imperials are grateful for his friendship and for sharing his incredible gift with us and those who love and support our music.

Some of Bills talents (along with his wife Rene) are writing, composing, directing, producing and recording. Some of the highlights in their career include performing and directing shows on CBS, NBC, PBS and TBN networks. National Austin City Limits PBS specials, musical dramas on TBN’s Praise The Lord and Breakthrough Explosion Revival, showcase their contagious, soulful “R & B” style.

Their many travels include serving ‘world renown’ ministers over the years such as Dr. Mark Chironna, Dwight Thompson, R.W. Schambach, Marilyn Hickey, Rod Parsley, T.L. and Daisy Osborn, Mary Frances Varallo, Dr. Paul and Jan Crouch and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

In pursuit of their mission and legacy, they continue mentoring the next generation of Psalmists in music and the arts, which includes their vision for Project Evergreen training and mentoring facilities to become reality. Christmas benefit concerts in New York and Texas, and celebrity prayer group gatherings in LA are a small part of the outreaches they impact. 

Bill and Renee’ recognized their callings at a very young age and are both 4th generation in ministry. They met in 1967, married in 1968, and went into full time music ministry at a church in Ft. Worth, Texas. After their son was born, Austin, Texas became home in Jan.1972. They accepted a new ministerial position for 13 years, and then began traveling as music evangelists.

They traveled extensively with other prominent ministries from ’84 through ‘91, and then Nashville became their home base. Their travels and involvement in the mid ‘90’s with Trinity Broadcasting Network developed into an outstandingly, significant and unforgettable season. TBN has continued to be an ongoing part of their ministry, which includes creating /directing shows and set design at The Holy Land Experience in Orlando during ’08, ’09 and 2010. They continue traveling full time to churches across the USA.




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