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                                                                                      All Over Again...

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Meet The Members

Over the years there has not been a more celebrated group of person(s) than the members of The Imperials. Through the accolades and worldwide attention, our patriarch members have maintained their integrity in both the ministry as well as in their music. Through the decades their many hits include “How Great Thou Art”,  “He Touched Me”, “Trumpet of Jesus”, “Praise The Lord”, Let the Wind Blow, Stand By The Power, "Power Of God", "Free The Fire", and many more.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Classic Imperials is to reach a 21st Century generation with a life-changing message of hope.


Vision Statement

The Classic Imperials will live purposely to accomplish our “Mission Statement” of hope for the generation,
which is anchored in our combined Faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ.

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